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Welcome to my personal website! I currently attend university and study computer networking and system administration. I am looking to grow my education and career as a DevOps Engineer or Site Reliability Engineer. My early years of education were in network engineering, Windows server environments, and virtualization, but my work experience has introduced me to DevOps technologies and spurred my interest in becoming a DevOps Engineer.

I started my journey in IT with three different IT Help Desk positions. I was the boots-on-the-ground person to do initial troubleshooting with any and all computer hardware and software issues. I have experiences in manufacturing and education environments.

After help desk, I joined a Cloud Team. I learned about deploying applications with a cloud-native mindset and also learned about some of the financial aspects of cloud deployments and how that impacts businesses.

Next, I decided to step into the automation space. I am learning a lot about CI/CD principles and the tools that help teams achieve their goals. I am constantly learning new technologies and problem solving, all of which is driven by my passion for IT.