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=== Programming ===
=== Programming ===
* [ Bash] - Crappy Bash Crash Course
* [[Bash]] - Crappy Bash Crash Course

* [ Teach yourself CS] - Textbook-based learning.
* [ Teach yourself CS] - Textbook-based learning.

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Welcome to the MTU LUG wiki. We'd like this to be an amalgamation of information to be used for future students. Feel free to sign up for an account and then add pages!

  • Meetings are currently on Thursdays from 7-8pm in Rekhi 101. (Updated for Spring 2022)

Who we are

The Linux Users Group is a student organization at Michigan Tech that was established in 2001 to further students knowledge of Linux or UNIX based operating systems and discuss technological advancements in Operating Systems.

Each week, we try to have a discussion on a topic of general interest.

Steven hopes to make it so everyone is capable of hosting your own servers and clouds, and following this website without much issue.

Meeting Minutes


List of links that I find beneficial. Add to it any more topics that you like.




  • Servers is a page for the (hopefully) current configuration of our servers.


  • Bash - Crappy Bash Crash Course
  • Handmade Hero - A very long tutorial on how to write your own game engine in C/C++. Utilizes the Windows message handler. Rewrites SDL (and other) libraries before using them for a much better understanding.
  • Building your own X - A list of ways to building your own types of systems. Some are very challenging, while some are straightforward.
  • (Intermediate) Challenging projects 1 - Small list of week-to-month long projects that create some fascinating applications.
  • (Intermediate) Challenging projects 2 - Small list of week-to-month long projects that create some fascinating applications.
  • (Intermediate) Advent of Code - a fun challenge to do data analysis and data parsers with daily challenges from December 1st to 25th (it's an advent calendar).
  • (Advanced) Cryptopals - A set of challenges that get insanely challenging extremely quickly. Look at the final challenges to see they do not hold back on any aspect of cryptography.
  • (Advanced) Eudypatula challenge - A dead challenge to start programming for the Linux kernel. Can still be done locally, but answers won't be verified.