Cool places in the Keweenaw

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  • Suomi's is the go-to breakfast food (54 Huron St, Houghton, MI 49931)
  • Roy's is the go-to pasties (305 W Lakeshore Dr, Houghton, MI 49931)
  • Econo Foods > Walmart > Pat's Foods & Festival Foods.
Jim's is a good place for quick food if you don't have a car. Erickson's Feed and Seed exists, but it's not that great.
  • Bread Loafers Bakery has amazing breads (787 Market St, Hancock, MI 49930)
  • Towns to shop in:
    • Calumet, MI. A good shopping area for your mom. It's got a lot of history too. Good weekend visit.
    • Marquette, MI. It has all the good food.
  • Schmidt's sells wings on Thursday for cheap. (100 Canal Rd, Houghton, MI 49931)
Get to Schmidt's before 8pm or you'll wait an hour for your wings.
  • Nutini's does trivia on Thursday at 8pm (or sometimes 9pm). (321 Quincy St, Hancock, MI)
The place hasn't been renovated since the 70s, but if you win a round you get a $10 waiver for food. Pro tip: you won't win, people are good at trivia, but it's a fun time nonetheless.


I have to assume you have Adam's Adventure guide. And if you don't, you're probably not part of Outdoor 'Venture Crew, the superior camping club in Michigan Tech.

  • Porcupine mountains is top tier.
    • Drive past walmart and keep going until the road ends.
  • Cliff drive is a good hiking spot.
    • Drive past Calumet and there'll be a sign that says "Cliff Drive", then park on one of the outings. You may need to bring boots if it's not winter.
  • Breaker's is a nice place and there will be a lot of people there on O-week.
    • Drive past Schmidt's and keep going until the roads ends.
  • Gay beach is a place, but it's pretty shitty outside of the novelty saying you've been to Gay beach.
Don't go to the bars in Gay. The locals here don't like university students because they made too many jokes about Gay and now they're grumpy.
  • Ask around for the following waterfalls
    • Douglass-Houghton falls
    • Hungarian falls
    • Tire swing
    • (outside Keweenaw) Canyon falls
    • (outside Keweenaw) O-Kun-De-Kun falls
    • (outside Keweenaw) Paul's falls (bring boots)


  • Jampot is near Eagle River and sells really good jam. It's a must visit. They close once the harvest is done.
  • During Fall, Covered Road is a very beautiful road.
    • On the way to Breaker's, take a left onto A-63. There should be a sign that says "Covered Road", follow this.
  • Quincy Mine tour is actually worth the money to do it.
  • In the winter, there is an outdoor hockey rink in South Range (this is the most well-kept). There are 2 outdoor rinks in Houghton. There is 1 in Chassell.
  • There's a Houghton farmer's market (currently Tues. 4pm-6pm), Hancock farmer's market (currently Sat. [I don't know the hours]), and Calumet farmer's market ([I don't know the times]).
  • Northern Lights (MTU's page gives really good tips (archived))
    • Brockway in Copper Harbor is the best place.
    • Breaker's is fine, but not ideal.
    • Tip: Use long exposure to get a more green northern lights picture.
  • The Rosza hosts a lot of good festivals. I recommend the Nutcracker.
  • Film board movies are always a good weekend's activity if you don't want to go anywhere.