Archiving emails

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You can archive emails with Thunderbird and if you want the emails public over the web, mhonarc, at least that's what I use.


Searching your archive
  1. Log in to your email over Thunderbird if you haven't already
  2. Go to settings and click "Addons and Themes"
  3. Search for and download the addon "ImportExportTools NG"
  4. Choose the email folder you want to archive (you can filter after)
    1. ImportExportTools NG
    2. Search and export
  5. Choose your format to export
    1. If you're using mhonarc, then use mbox!


It's probably super outdated to use mhonarc, but it's what I know how to use, so that's what I'll talk about. The command to generate your html is:

mhonarc -spammmode -outdir output/ input/*

That should generate a mail archive very similar to LUG's mail archive.