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We got the follow domains:

  • lug.mtu.edu
  • znc.lug.mtu.edu
  • matrix.lug.mtu.edu
  • git.lug.mtu.edu
  • marvin.lug.mtu.edu
  • trillian.lug.mtu.edu

If there's another DNS record, then I don't know about it.

We got Marvin up and running! That beast is less powerful than a raspberry pi 3 with the power output of a modern server. There was an old drive we plugged in from Marvin but it had LVM and we couldn't figure out how to get it to work, mostly because we wanted to go to Culver's and get some concrete mixers. The concrete mixers were good. The drive could wait.

We got our t-shirts this week too. Anyone reading this who hasn't gotten their t-shirts, you better get them!! >:(