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Email discussion.

  1. Budget
    1. We need new drives and we should look for a new server.
      1. David will find the stuff online, send it over to Josh.
  1. IRC bouncer setup
    1. I'd want it to be a subdomain like znc.lug.mtu.edu, but that'd require a new certificate and
  1. All certificates:
    1. lug.mtu.edu (continue)
    2. shell.lug.mtu.edu (continue)
    3. git.shell.lug.mtu.edu (used by matrix, should replace with matrix.lug.mtu.edu)
    4. znc.lug.mtu.edu (to replace https:/shell.lug.mtu.edu:50000)
    5. marvin.lug.mtu.edu (new server)
    6. trillian.lug.mtu.edu (new server)
    7. git.lug.mtu.edu (git server in the future)
    8. matrix.lug.mtu.edu (use this as a proper certificate for the matrix server)