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neofetch is one the absolute most important commands to ever have.

LUG Stuff


What do we want to do with them?

  • Shell
    • Can we nuke it? Everyone agrees.
  • Marvin
    • Could be the hacking server
  • Trillian
    • Could be the hacking server
    • Use openVPN to connect to it like hackthebox
  • Zaphod
    • Pretend the errors don't exist and hope it never dies
  • Mirrors
    • Too scared to touch since people actually use this. Let's hope it never dies.


What do we want to do?

Josh suggested a file uploader. Could be flooded with spam. Maybe only allow 141.219.* to post, should prevent any bad stuff.

Radio? Who would use it? Who cares?


Good idea, make table tents.

2nd floor of Rekhi? Library?


Continue with it. Write our own pages, then make a master make sure the pages flow together nicely and the aesthetic isn't too bizarre.

Raspberry pi supercluster

Call it the bakery!

Gives practice to supercomputing.

Try to see if there's an education discount or any way to buy more than 1 at a time.