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Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your situation), this academic year has come to end for LUG. Today we just held our last meeting of the year.

We discussed the end of Scientific Linux (and if anyone was actually using it). In addition Wesley stated he was trying to get Atom to work on an ARM-based system. Then our discussion led to ProtonDB and Lutris and the status of gaming on Linux. I recently upgraded to kernel 5 on my Fedora desktop and a bunch of bugs reappeared. And our discussion finished up with the kind of crazy appliances that we can install linux on, like refrigerators, crock pots, and even hard drive controllers.

And with that Paul and I are going to be stepping down as President and Vice President and passing the positions off to Eric Steve and Wesely Grove. If you have any questions regarding the organization or future activities, you can always email [redacted].