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Meeting minutes LUG 11/6/15

5:07 PM

LOL turney today, missing a few people

Some new peeps - Introductions

Join the email list lug.mtu.edu

Join involvement link

  • elections start soon
  • this is how the university knows our membership

LOL tournament is tonight - Maybe in Wads

Considering canceling 11/20/15

  • this is the day that thanksgiving break starts
  • consensus is meeting should be canceled.


  • please start thinking about nominations


  • Brandon broke MTU IT Linux Local Admin login.
  • Window mgr called ratpoison - tries to eliminate the use of a mouse.
    • Not very good
  • TIS-100 - a game about programming assembly.

Last week's failure of a red vs blue team will be tried again but will be designed so that someone doesn't fork bomb the vm...

Brandon will be sending out a survey to the lug-l asking what mirrors we want to continue to host.

Also generally looking into what services we want/need to host. Probably surveys to follow.

The current mirror data will be moved to Chris's server temporally so we have minimal downtime.