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  1. Nano Con interested in LAN party sponsored by LUG
  2. DoD Rep on October 30th
  3. Minutes are back!
    1. Last secetary never showed up
    2. Alex Roberts stepped up
  4. Zaphod Breach
    1. Removed old admin accounts and one LUG alumni broke back in
    2. https://gist.github.com/BrandonIngalls/e5c7f71070ae948e603e
  5. New weekly meeting time for server team.
    1. Work on new policies and documentation
  6. Begin an audit of services
  7. Thoughts on migrating mirrors from lug.mtu.edu to mirrors.lug.mtu.edu
    1. This involves moving the mirrors from Zaphod to a “new” server
  8. LUG has a slack!
    1. https://mtulug.slack.com
  9. Lecture by Alec on Audio Codecs
    1. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dGPpyfI1-6hGFWszL5ra0Y1ABwKp9SU1ZbsYc9QC7Vk/edit?usp=sharing