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Minutes for 16 September 2013

Mr. Dr. Onder appears!

Requested: presentation on dotfiles

Drive failing

  • Pre-flood drive (approx. 3000 years old?)

Aw yiss, new architecture

  • Kaleb draws pretty pictures

* Kaleb searches for LUG documentation

/plays FF_Victory Kaleb found the documentation!

Things to note about new architecture:

  • Runs on KVM or Docker
  • Connect through proxy VM/container

We are getting new members!

  • Josh explains mirrors to new members
  • He then says “back in the day”

Kaleb and Jay present on dotfiles

Next week, Kaleb and Jay present on vim extensions

Two weeks from now, Taylor presents on git

Other ideas:

  • Linux basics
  • Linux troubleshooting
  • Linux security
  • Source code
  • Run Linux on UEFI o.O

We need new shirts!