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  • Jared Ledvina
  • Kaleb Elwert
  • Jay Vana
  • Jacob Wiltse
  • Taylor Scanlon
  • Jordan Gedney
  • Jacob Wiltse
  • Tyler Adam
  • Tanner Ingresal


USG has approved our full budget request of $1,800!!

New server - It is in the Rehki datacenter needs to be plugged in. Registered with IT. The name is - Zaphod

Nanocon - It's a bit late to do anything with them. Maybe next time we will try to help sponsor.

T-Mo (character from League of Legends) hats are official outlawed at official LUG meetings.

Need to finish proposal for the internet upgrade, ASAP

Nominations are now open for eBoard positions!

Elections will be on April 16th!

Available Positions

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Treasury
  4. Secretary
  5. Public Relations

Interesting News/Projects

docker.io - Creates mini Linux instances under Linux creates sandbox web apps, written in GO and Kaleb loves it.

Terminology - Terminal emulator, might be the coolest emulator ever.

Bodhi Linux - Check them out

Repocoded - Will be the repository manager, written in GO. Project written by Kaleb Elwert


Goals for next meeting

  1. Get the new server, Zaphod, up and running.
  2. Plan out VM structure.
  3. Install and begin set up of new hard drives in Raidman.
  4. Have the new internet proposal completed/submitted.