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Meeting Minutes


  • Jared Ledvina
  • Mario Loria
  • Jay Vana
  • Jacob Wiltse
  • Tanner Ingersoll
  • Tyler Adam



  • Sounds like USG might be giving us everything that we asked for!
  • Kaleb talked to Charles Wallace and he says that the CS department would match we pay for the Gig internet

IP Address

  • We can only have 4 registered IP addresses.
  • Need to have one changed from the Minecraft server to the new server.

Setting up the new server has been moved to after spring break. Kaleb will put more time into during break.

We want Andrea as PR!

Random Tid-Bits

  • Barkboard has some interesting deals
  • ElementaryOS is awesome! Defiantly check it out!
  • Odroid-US $90 quad core board.
  • New Humble Bundle!! 5 ! W00t!

Word of the day: Durablest