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  • Kaleb Elwert
  • Josh Knight
  • Jacob Wiltse
  • Mario Loria
  • Jared Ledvina
  • Tyler Adam


  • Haven't heard back from Telecom about Gigabit
  • Astraeus has been switched to the UPS
  • Imotehep is no longer on the UPS...oh well...
  • Power Outage: We are all good as far as we know of.
  • We would like to buy 2 3TB Western Digital Red

New Server

  • Hope to be installing OS and required software with a RAID 1 of 2 1TB drives this week.

Need to advertise to entry level CS classes about LUG

Make an easy presentation that describes LUG and how to use us as your mirror

Josh will redo the website with Drupal and awesomeness!!

Check it out: http://plus.amon.cx