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  • Jared Ledvina
  • Kaleb Elwert
  • Mario Loria
  • Jacob Wiltse
  • Josh Knight (over Gchat)


  • We need to upgrade our internet access.
  • According to the program, nload, we are maxing out all the time.
  • We should think about adding network redundancy.
  • CS Dept is still paying for our internet connection.
  • If we can get a gigabit connection, we could become a Tier 1 mirror.
  • Kaleb will inquire with Telcom and the CS department this week.
  • We can use out USG money to buy hard drives. We will look into options this week.
  • We are testing out munin. Hope to have it working and monitoring everything.
  • Plex is a very cool and interesting media server software!