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LUG Minutes 10/16/2012



  • Kaleb -1
  • Jared -1
  • Wiltse/Peter -1

Linux Playground:

  • Fri, November 2nd
  • Still looking for room.
  • Fun. Open. Exciting.
  • 4GB Flash Drives to pass out at Linux Playground
  • Preinstall with various ISO's:
    • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    • Linux Mint
    • Fedora 17
    • SolusOS
    • #!
    • Debian
    • Puppy
    • DSL


  • --> Subs!

Try to get a projector and screen. Powerpoint with info.

Finally updated to show right day and time.

Constitution Amendment:

The following was voted in favor at 100% approval.

Amendment IV

The server administrator eBoard position shall now be named the Server Administration Team. The Server Administration Team shall be made up of three regular LUG members. If possible, the Server Administration Team shall contain at least one previous team member of a previous semester. All open Server Administration Team positions shall be elected through the standard election process. Every Server Administration Team member must be able to regularly attend meetings. The Server Administration Team duties are to maintain services, security, user authorization, hardware and up to date server documentation.

The server administration team will be Jared Ledvina and Kaleb Elwert. The third position shall be determined by the availability of Peter. If Peter declines, then the third position shall go to Jacob Wiltse.

Reminder: LUG Meetings are at 7:00pm every Tuesday in Rehki G009


  • Jay Vana
  • Mario Loria
  • Kaleb Elwert
  • Rex Baumeister
  • Charlie Heiges
  • Zach Malinowski
  • Bill Dolye
  • Bradley Johns
  • Tyler Adams
  • Josh Marshall