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Peter will be gone for a while

Need to plan Installathon.

Speakers to talk at meetings

Website redo

We have the hard drive array, let's put it to use.

Where is the server documentation?

We need this done ASAP...still.

We need a new PR person.

Need date for Installathon

Need someone in CSLC to drag people here.

Have teachers offer extra credit to attend LUG presentations?


October 9th @ noon with pizza. In the round room in reiki.

November 10th will be installathon.

Need presentations

By official vote (100%) Peter Marheine is removed from his position as server administrator for not fulfilling necessary requirements for the position.

Constitution needs to be amended to change the server administrator position to a team of people.


  • Jacob Wiltse - President
  • Mario Loria - Vice President
  • Jared Ledvina - Secretary
  • Jay Vana
  • Tyler Adam
  • Josh Marshall