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Meeting called to order

Officer report:

  • T-shirts available

Server status:

  • New 1 TB drive
  • New server potential

Discussed upgrading to a Gigabit connection. Funds still come from CS Gift Account. We can't afford it.

Need to get stuff out of 317. Plan on moving the stuff this weekend. Email with more info coming.


  • Looking at March
  • Location requests: MUB Commons
  • Helping out Chris' LAN party. He needs hardware, we can most likely help.

Linux certifications:

  • Need to be looked into more.
  • Info on what it takes to get certified.
  • Offer help (hopefully) next semester.
  • Cost?


  • Email will be sent to list

Student cluster competition:

  • G is going.
  • We can probably help pay for it.
  • Competition for building clusters.
  • Will need more info from G.

Budget hearing:

  • Jan. 31st
  • Ideas:
    • Start high to work Low.
    • Mitch will be attending meeting for budget.
    • Last year's budget available on wiki.

Open floor:

  • Social gathering before/after meetings?
  • Other ways to get the group to be more like a group.


  • Josh Knight
  • Jacob Wiltse
  • Jay Vana
  • Peter Marheine
  • Jared Ledvina
  • Zhuoyu Zhou