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Officer reports

  • T-shirts, eboard meeting
  • Bring dues!
  • New osiris server, thanks Matt
  • Contact admin for an account on the wiki


  • Rachael, student activities 22nd or 29th. Compass
  • Commons, peninsula as alternate
    • We can 'borrow' Internet connection
    • Random people but less adequate for presentations


  • no date yet
  • Will request a lab from CS
  • Games
    • Tetris!
    • Nexuis
    • Urban Terror
  • Food and drinks
    • Doritos
    • Pizza
      • Look into it, may be expensive
    • We can't bring in outside food.. but pretend it's just us.
  • Expand our reach
    • Linux support
      • It's hard to keep up support
      • Tried it once, didn't work out

Show and tell

  • Peter talks about servers
  • Andrew talks about server history


  • -Name- -Major-
  • Josh Knight CNSA
  • Andrew Meyer CpE/EE
  • Matthew Gardeski MSE
  • Jay Vana CNSA/Math
  • Dan Williams CS
  • Nick Trierweiler CS
  • Peter Marheine CpE
  • Brandon Dusseau CS
  • Stephan Ebert CS
  • Jacob Wiltse CSS
  • Katie May CpE