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Officer Reports

  • Ubuntu 11.04 will be released next week.


  • Penguicon is the weekend after finals week.
  • Registration is closed.
  • Good luck to all of those who have not bought a ticket.


  • Matt covered T-Shirt costs, LUG owes him $100.

Minecraft Server

  • We do not currently have the hardware to run it.
  • Options:
    • Pay public hosting compnay ~$35 per month
    • Pay Dark-FX for a nicer VM ~$200 one time
    • Buy new hardware for new dedicated server. $700-$1500
    • If on our hardware, the server would be inaccessable during Ubuntu releases.

Usage Map

  • If you go to http://lug.mtu.edu/map you get all users in the past 24 hours graphed by location (grouped by city).
  • Plans to put out statistics page in the works.


  • Josh Knight is President
  • Nick Trierweiler is Treasurer
  • Jacob Wiltse is VP
  • Kaleb Elwert is Secretary
  • Jay Vana is PR


  • Next semester's installathon has been narrowed down to 4 week.

Open Floor

  • LUG server is planned to be able to be moved into Rekhi.
  • Cayce Wills is taking over the CEC.


  • Andrew Meyer
  • Matt Gardeski
  • Jacob Wiltse
  • Dan Williams
  • Peter Marheine
  • Nick Trierweiler
  • Doug Freed
  • Jay Vana
  • Kaleb Elwert
  • Josh Knight
  • John Pastore
  • Beth Russart