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Officer Reports

  • Dark FX wants to spend money (Sekhmet upgrades)
  • Unity is acting up... still.
  • Sehkmets upgrades to the netfinity box were unsuccessful.
  • We could swap Sekhmet and Osiris.

Involvement Fair

  • Dan showed up.
  • We collected 1 email address.


  • Haro doesn't have a date set for nanocon.
  • We could do a LAN party again.
  • We need advertising for more than a 2 days ahead of time.

Treasurer Nominations

  • Will happen next week.
  • Jacob sent out an email to the list.


  • Jacob Wiltse
  • Josh Knight
  • Nick Trierweiler
  • Peter Marheine
  • Andrew Meyer
  • John Pastore
  • Beth Russart
  • Matt Gardeski