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Officers Reports

  • Servers are running fine.
  • Dan needs to do table tents.


  • People need to sign up for events.
  • We should get rovernet turned on in the peninsula room.
  • Dan fails at advertising.


  • Need to make Ubuntu image to boot in labs with games on them.
  • Everyone needs to advertise for their own nanocon event.
  • Dan can make nanocon a logo.


  • 3 people are interesting in going
    • (Jake, Dan, Andrew)
  • Price right now is $35
  • April 29th.
  • Everyone will sign themselves up.


  • It is in cleveland.
  • Weekend before the weekend before exams.
  • PM or email agmlego if you want to go.

Open Floor

  • Open Office broke off from Oracle.
  • Do we want to buy new RAM for Sekhmet?


  • Matt Gardeski
  • Jacob Wiltse
  • Nick Trierweiler
  • Douglas Freed
  • Jacob Davis
  • Christian Jacobsen
  • Peter Marheine
  • Justin Shananaquet
  • Dan WIlliams
  • Ryan Hamilton
  • Andrew Meyer
  • Katie May
  • Beth Russart
  • Alicia Gervais
  • Jon Nielsen
  • Jay Vana
  • Josh Knight
  • Stephan Ebert