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Server Status

  • Fedora is borked

Officers introductions


  • We got the rooms and days we decided on last year.


  • Looking for someone to update website.
  • We have 2 people interested.


  • It sucks.
  • We are not an official club yet.
  • Removing flash makes websites nicer.


  • $5 a semester.
  • Raven will be at every meeting.


  • We can get them if someone submits a design.
  • We still have old ones for sale.

Events Coming Up

  • K-Day - Do we want a table?
    • Burn Ubuntu CDs.
    • Should we try for power? Ya


  • Should we mirror more things?
    • OpenSUSE - We'll look into it.
  • Any services?
    • Mumble
  • Sekhmet accounts available. People won't be doing OS homework on it.

Fun Stuff

  • Should we have a junk yard wars computer building contest?
  • Let's have a computer building presentation in the future.

Parade of Nations

  • Dress up like penguins?

Open Floor

  • Arch now has a multilib repo.
  • Takara sells transformers toys that actually work. (FLASH!!)


  • Matthew Gardeski
  • Andrew Meyer
  • Corbin Uselton
  • Nick Trierweiler
  • Dan Williams
  • Christian Jacobsen (for realz)
  • John Nielsen
  • Peter Marheine
  • Jacob Wiltse
  • Ryan Hamilton
  • Neil Wenger
  • Justin Sharanaquet
  • Adam Ahlquist
  • Alicia P. Gervais
  • Stephen Radachy
  • Josh Knight
  • Katie May
  • Gabe Delgado
  • Stephan Ebert
  • Raven Rebb
  • John Pastore
  • Sarah Metropoulos