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Officer's Reports

  • Budget Approved
  • Isis has been updated
  • MUB Reservations are open, we need to register for some Installathon Rooms
  • Ubuntu is wrapping up for Lucid Lynx release on 29th

Elections Next Week

  • Postponing them

Penguicon Lodging

  • Do we know?
  • Crashing with starxplor (need to confirm)
  • Need to total expenses. Mitch can't spell tonight.
  • Food? On your own/starxplor?
  • $23 next week if going. (send to list)


Open Floor

  • March 19th for Spring Installathon.
  • Spring Fling Oozeball is in a Wads parking lot on asphault -- wat?
  • Ferris Wheel
  • PFRC Flinging things with a portable trebuchet.
    • Water Balloons less effective than fruit
  • Ideas for k-day next year?
    • Rick roll?
    • Tux Hot-Air Balloons?

Impropmtu Presentation

  • Nope.

Thunderstorm Part II