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Officers' Reports

  • Matt showed up, finished exam early.
  • We don't know how we pay for the server bandwidth.
  • Sekmeht had an issue over the weekend.


  • Raven has all of the table tents printed out.
  • Working on folding them.
  • We need people to help at 7am to set them out.
  • Andrew has hammers.
  • Presentations should be done tonight.
  • Bring all of your equipment to the installathon.


  • Registrations are complete.
  • Need to find loging.

April Fools Day

  • XKCD is awesome today.
  • Google had some good ones.
  • Google standard voice mail.
  • Andrew is angry at slashdot.

Open Floor

  • Judge rules that wiretapping unconstitutional.
  • Solaris is no longer free.
  • Hurd is now dead.
  • Eff has apple iphone agreement.


Those Present:

  • Jacob Wiltse
  • Andrew Meyer
  • Peter Mahreine
  • Nick Trierweiler
  • Dan Williams
  • Adam Ahlquist
  • Matt Gardeski
  • Gabe Delgado