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intern secretary Adam Ahlquist

  1. Officers' Reports / Committee's Reports
    1. server hasn't blown up, Arch Linux mirror is still behind. Andrew is very mad with Arch maintainers. Possibly dropping the Arch mirror.
    2. Installathon currently set to be in the MUB ballroom, hopefully will be changed
  2. O-week Info Session
    1. Tuesday August 24th 2010 share info on linux during O-week
    2. Gabe and Peter volunteer, more are requested
  3. Penguicon
    1. held the weekend after finals week. FREE STUFF!!! tickets are $45 and will increase. Talk to Peter if you are interested in going.
  4. NotACon
    1. Security and Open Source geek convention. Defcon with less Feds.
    2. about 10 people @ $210, includes everything but food. Price goes up when less people going.
    3. Cody and Allicia are willing to go.
  5. Parts/PCBordes
    1. Order from digikey going out. Email agmlego by Saturday if you want anything.
  6. Open Floor
    1. Cody started playing Dwarf Fortress. Andrew likes Zork.
  7. Hardware Libraries
    1. Andrew is writing hardware libraries in Python for shiny hardware. 2 libraries are almost complete and able to display info on certain LCDs over the serial port.
  8. QA
    1. Jake is in trouble.
  9. exit(0);