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  1. Officers' Reports
  2. Server Status
    • Servers are working.
    • Ubuntu release has calmed down
    • Telcom meeting went well, but we should advertise more, to let people know what we're doing with all that bandwidth.
  1. Treasurer Position
    • Responsibilities
      • Come to meetings
      • Make up a budget and attend a USG meeting.
      • Post nominations on the wiki.
  1. Communications Rules
    • Formalizing rules for the different communications channels the lug provides, post suggestions on the wiki.
  1. Shell Server
    • Accepting accounts -> email agmeyer@mtu.edu or /msg agmlego on IRC
  1. Open Floor
    • Mailing List
      • Secondary list for moderated linux help?
      • Exists now. linux-help-l@mtu.edu
      • Moderated list, subscribe if you either want help or to provide help.
      • Poke our benevolent overlord if you'd like to moderate.
    • Webpage
      • We're missing a link to the archlinux ISO mirrors from the ISO mirrors page. Andrew Meyer will fix it.
  1. Guide to IRC, Part 1: Pidgin/Empathy
    • See the wiki.
    • Part 2 next week, XChat
    • Part 3 week after, irssi
  1. Questions. / Answers?
  2. SLEEP 604740
  3. GOTO 10 # Next week