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  1. Server Status
    1. Bunch of boring stuff about shell server.
  2. General Biz
    1. None
  3. Penguicon ($40 Tickets)
    1. Open source hardware/software and sci-fi convention downstate. (see http://www.penguicon.org )
    2. LUG can pay some for the tickets to help with costs.
    3. About 9 people here are interested.
  4. Open Floor
    1. Ubuntu replacing GDM with something that doesn't suck?
  5. Compiz-Desktop (presentation by Dan Williams)
    1. Freewins plugin is neat, lets you rotate windows
    2. GNOME v3 is shown, quite heavy, completely redesigned.
    3. Compiz is being run stand-alone without GNOME. Runs smooth, has dock, spiffy effets.
    4. /usr/local/bin/start-fusion.sh shown, script to start default programs.
    5. *Time to show off Enlightenment 17* (supposed release in December)
    6. Taskbar is on fire. Lightweight - able to run on 800MHz, 256MiB RAM machine without lag.
    7. Fire is eating CPU though. CPU use down when disabled. Rendering is done in software :(
  6. Q/A
  7. Shell Server