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  1. Meeting Order
    1. Meeting brought to order at 19:03
  2. Officers' Reports
    1. Servers are working
    2. Byan is present, pay dues
  3. Open Floor
    1. Happy windows 7 release day.  :/
    2. Reconstructor - a webapp for customizing ubuntu distros
      1. Look for "Flashfire OS on facebook" (or members project page)
    3. If t-shirts are not paid, they'll go to open sale.
    4. Northern is having a *nix conference, are we interested in going?
  4. Nor's Desktop (and mjgardes)
    1. Nor has ub3r-pinkified her desktop. Let's see windows do that.
  5. AGMLego's BASH stuff
    1. agmlego has been playing with bash prompts
    2. Info on the wiki, link below.
  6. Q/A
  7. New Shell Server / Dismissal

AGMLego's BASH stuff