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MTU LUG Meeting Minutes

Server Status

  • Kuk is not booting... nothing is installed on a bootable drive

Installathon Prep

  • 3 weeks away
  • Advertising? Yes! but the guy is sick
  • Table Tents denied they are already full
  • Complain about lack of availability for table tents...
    • Full a month in advance is ridiculous
  • Info is already up on web site
  • Presentations
    • Noon Intro to Ubuntu
    • Noon:30 Photoshop running with Wine
    • 1:00 Open Source Games
    • 1:30 Schemeing on the command line (scsh)
    • 2:00 Installing from a flash drive (debootstrap)
    • 2:30 Bash and Fortran
    • 3:00 Installing Linux on Playstation 3
    • 3:30 Installing Linux on Nintendo Wii
  • pastore contacted Next Century they may help, waiting to hear from the manager
  • Who do we talk to about advertising in the bull? Nathan Miller or dailybull@mtu?
  • Pastore will put together some "infotainment" for inclusion in the Bull

LFS Junkyard Wars

  • Junk Transportation?
    • there is a TON-O-JUNK at the Nerdery
      • 9:30am pick up
  • Steve has a bunch of stuff
  • Prize? you get a cookie!


  • $15 for a shirt!


  • who wants to run for office?
  • bribe your friends into doing it!