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LUG Meeting Minutes January 29th, 2009

We are now ignoring the man behind the curtain

Mandatory budget meeting after the meeting at 8pm


  • Building statue starts next week
  • Everyone sign up for hours to build
  • design or plans for statue?
    • in theory...
  • Steve will find out if Gabby Meyers has sent plowing e-mail for site
    • he'll send one if need be.

Installathon in 3 weeks

  • Flyiers and schedules of events
  • table tents
  • update old stuff

Server status

  • Power? We still don't know what we have
  • there is a breaker we could move to, but it's not 120
  • our rack is plugged in with an extension cord... OSHA does not like this
  • Kraus would have this fixed by now but he wants campus to pay for it
  • Kuk needs more memory and new IDE cables
    • it's on a new egg wishlist
  • Devree is thinking of donating a poweredge server...
    • maybe a shell server?
  • move to IPv6 internally?

Shell server

  • we need to set limits
  • what would people do with it?
  • at *least* the campus computer use policy
  • allow? SETI at home? windows 7?
  • computational stuff?
  • dist cc?
  • home pages?
    • forwarded from front end


  • who has access?
    • just officers for now...
  • Lego needs to add new people


  • Okay so far... nothing added recently
  • 500G left of our 4TB


  • Spares? Steve has many


  • USB flash drive
  • Debian, Ubuntu
  • windows repair disk
  • Disto for old slow hardware
  • Yellow Dog


  • LSF
  • Installathon dual boot
  • weird stuff? mail us in advance
  • PS3? :) Wii?

Kuk at installathon

  • Use as spare space or local mirror?
  • just ubuntu and everything else can come in over the network