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MTU LUG Meeting Minutes January 15th, 2009

Server Status

  • Admin not here


  • Who wants to disign it?
  • Will be WALL-E and Glenda
  • Pastore is asking questions
  • Due Wednesday next week
  • If you want to help e-mail gabby gamyers@mtu.edu

Student Involvement fair

  • Happening Soon
  • This coming Tuesday 7-9PM MUB Ballroom
  • We have a table with power reserved
  • Projector and screens
  • Who will sit there? Me, Steve, Byan

USG Budget Allocation Meeting

  • Two weeks from now 8-9PM

Spring Installathon

  • Yes
  • Presentations!
  • Windows exploits from linux
  • Games
  • rickroll through SSH
  • X-forwarding stuff
  • Scheme? it's evil!
    • Intro to programming on linux
  • Figure out who knows what
    • Visibly mark them so people can tell
    • (T-shirts with stuff written on them)
  • E-mail for ubuntu CDs was never sent
    • Get them for this coming fall?

LFS Junkyard Wars

  • Lock people in a room with stuff
    • don't let them out until they SSH out a cry for help
  • When is there free time?
    • February 28
  • Where? *shrugs*
    • Rheiki 214?
  • OSX would be illegal
  • NETBSD is okay
  • Prizes: Hard Drives, Flash drives, Memory
    • Contact Next Century?
  • Advertising?
    • Posters? Daily Bull?


  • We still have extra, bringing to student involvement fair
  • New shirts this year?
    • Design? Brandon can resubmit his design from last year
  • There be interest from members present

Lecture Series on IP

  • There is a lecture on IP and will probably run over our meeting


  • Anyone want to do a social?
  • *steve skips*

New Officers

  • Can Huskybot be an officer?
  • Lots of people leaving...


  • Pastore: Um...?
  • Brandon, netboot server?
    • X86 laptop
  • DHCP server
  • TFTP server