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MTU LUG Meeting Minutes December 11th, 2008

Order Pizza / Dues

  • Who what where when how?
  • Dominoes and a pizza per person
  • Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Sausage
  • total: $41.54

Server Status

  • interesting and Fun News
  • 4 x 1.5T seagate drives from Dark-Fx
  • PFRC has requested hosting a wiki (just the database)
  • Kuk waiting until after break
  • Gentoo Mirror? Huge network outage yesterday

$78 For Spring 08 Server Connection

  • Bill is still due from the CS department (they're getting charged we pay back)
  • money coming out of bank account to pay it off

Move server connection to USG account

  • Steve will move the billing to the USG expense account

Meeting Conduct

  • Officer positions need full names

Alternative ISP for LUG

  • getting a Cell modem for the lug server during MTU downtime
    • IRC not mirrors
  • Pastynet? it's line of sight to Quincy hill
  • Alltel? very expensive for our use


  • Move IRC hub to Dark's box so that it's stable when MTU drops
  • More USLUG stuff? sure!
    • agmlego slowly changing config files
  • Why Fedora break?
    • *shrugs* Dark fixed it...
  • One person in CSLC asked us to mirror Slackware
    • Add if we have space

Winter Carnival


VP Election

  • We voted Matthew Gardeski as VP by a large margin