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MTU LUG Meeting Minutes December 4th, 2008

Server Status

  • ? agmlego is not here tonight

New VP

  • Emergency Election
  • He has to take time off, won't be an enrolled student
  • Nominations
    • The Front row (Alex and Markus)
    • Tall Matt
  • Voting Next week (so we can nominate more people)

SOCS (Snow Statue)

  • Take to Steve after the meeting if you want to work out the design
  • Nothing due till mid January

501(c) 3

  • LUG qualifies as a 501(c) 3 organization
  • Since our funding is less then 5000 a year
    • There's a special exemption for small groups
  • No special paper work for us
  • Special paperwork for people who donate
  • If people do start making donations to us then we have paperwork
    • We'd have to go get tax certificates

Credit Union

  • We now have a savings account

Fedora 10

  • It destroyed our server...
  • The script stopped working
    • Dark cleared our mirror and fetched it
  • Lots of Security updates

PR Update

  • Worst time to recruit people...
  • Sean will create a Flier for us to put up next semester
    • Maybe Table tents and things
  • Student Involvement Fair
    • Big thing in Wads
    • We'll do something as soon as someone figures out how to

Student Org backup

  • Think we could backup to Student Org web server
  • Steve will talk to USG

Budget Hearing

  • We were given moneys for Installathon network connection
  • Filmboard ads were donation from Arrakiv
    • Tuesday at 6 in Fisher 133

End of Semester Social

  • We have the Pop
  • What kind of social?
    • Next weeks meeting will be a movie (technically be post meeting)
    • Have pizza too
  • Take Funds from LUG account for Pizza?
    • 6 yes, 1 no, 0 abstain
  • Markus will go get Pizza after we head-count