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MTU LUG Meeting Minutes November 6th, 2008

Server status

  • Hasn't Blown up yet
  • Kuk still progressing slowly
  • Having user galleries
    • We have the software on the server
    • would be useful for sharing photos on IRC
    • Should update the Group galleries


  • Meeting yesterday, didn't do anything
  • reviving ACM
  • Anyone else that can be a backup person to attend?
    • Byan isn't really interested... it might overlap with food
    • Byan will if no one else can

Snow Statue

  • Still interest?
    • Join up with the WiCS group
  • There is a moderate level of interest from people
  • Monthlong or Overnight? Overnight
  • Deadlines?

Junkyard wars Event

  • When? Semester?
    • Next Semester
  • Need to find parts
    • Steve can provide some
  • Limit to x86? No... that would take the fun out of it
    • No limits on hardware


  • Film board? still no news yet.
  • Byan see steve after the meeting for checking account stuff

Streaming the meetings

  • Greg doesn't want to walk from campus
    • would also allow Alum to participate in meetings
  • anyone have the hardware?
  • access to the in room camera? probably just goes into the projector thing

Seeding Linux ISO torrents

  • only max out the connection during ubuntu release
  • this would be great for people on campus
  • how would this effect our connection?