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MTU LUG Meeting Minutes October 30th, 2008


  • We're maxing our pipe out and it's fine
  • Slow Progress on Kuk

LAN Party

  • Only 28 people
  • They don't need us or our switches anymore
    • They didn't like how much logo space we wanted


  • Want Registration, E-mail Steve


  • Need to think of Ideas
  • Previously we had competition
  • Mary designed the old ones
    • She's not here anymore
  • A new Design would encourage Alum and people with shirts to get new ones

Spring Installathon

  • Tentatively the weekend after Career Fair
    • February 21st
  • Ideas? Changes? Comments?
  • Coerse CS classes to offer Extra Credit
    • SysAdmin class is in Spring
  • It's a lot easier to install Linux than a few years ago
    • How do we update Installathon?
  • Mostly we help with weird hardware and odd laptops
  • More Distros Present
    • CRUX? Arch Linux?
  • Games during install
    • ET on demo machines
    • Doom Sysadmin
  • Free Pie
  • Merchandising
    • Shirts
  • Two Rooms?
    • Partition to separate Presentations
  • Table Tents
  • More Exciting Presentation
    • Getting Portal to Run in Wine
  • More Useful presentation
    • Getting your Laptop to Sleep and Resume
    • Getting Wireless to work
  • Actually Give out Official CD's
    • Someone going to Order them Now?
    • We're one of the Top Mirrors for Ubuntu we should ask for express delivery
    • We're requesting 60
  • Linux From Scratch Marathon!
    • Junk Yard Wars?
      • Build the computer from scratch
      • Then Linux From Scratch
      • Noon one day to Noon next day
    • Instead of Installathon

PR Person

  • It's in the Constitution
    • People that want it: Sean Bulger, Markus
    • Vote! almost unanimous for Sean
    • Sean leaves next semester. Markus when Sean leaves?
  • Ideas
    • More Events
      • LFS Race, Open Source LAN party, Presentations
    • Posters for Around Campus
  • Linux Format magazine Discounts?
    • Like $25 an issue
    • Cause we're a student group
  • Giant Paper Mache Penguin in front of EERC Tree?
    • 40 foot Penguin Attacking the EERC?
  • Carnival events?
    • Glenda Statue?!
      • Also Tux, Puffy, BSD Daemon, The Gnu
  • Linux Advocacy, See Ruckus
    • Linux is disappearing from most of the Labs on campus
    • Departments might not want to switch
      • but might be forced to maintain interoperability

Campus Network update

  • Most recent network outage was from inside resnet
    • Possibly one of the network devices
  • This brought up by network outage during meeting

Where is Byan?

  • He came this time!
  • How to set up a checking account?
    • Get the forms from the credit union
    • Steve can go up to the credit union
  • Schedule time in budge hearing
    • Money for installathon
    • Need receipt from Film Board