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MTU LUG Meeting Minutes October 16th, 2008

Server Status

  • Andrew not here
  • server still has two drives lost
    • will work on after new case comes in mail
    • *false alert...* it was his own server
  • Andrew here maybe make sense now
  • Server is okay, yay!

Installathon Wrapup

  • It happened... it's over.
  • Lots of people showed up.
  • We gave presentations
  • Money for Pizza was wow
  • USG reimbursement for Film Board thing
    • also they'll bug us about the charge for the connection
    • was only $25


  • Steve is doing registration this weekend
  • it's $35 if you do it now
    • USG will refund at some point...
    • we get $400 from them
  • Steve's Yaris is very fuel efficient

Linux Cheat Sheet

  • CS honor society is putting together a guide for freshmen
  • Wants us to put together a Linux guide sheet
    • O'Reilly sheet used to float around


  • Money was passed to Byan
  • Should deposit money into credit union account
  • Paypal is not a good idea for collecting dues... too many fees

Other Activities

  • Table at nanocon
    • Hand out CD's
    • Weekend after Halloween
    • Corey could help, but busy with PFRC stuff
  • Anything for Intrepid release?
    • it's right before nanocon
  • mcnairlanparty.cjb.net - SCLC
    • quake3
    • Urban terror
    • counterstrike
    • Team Fortress 2
    • $2 a head and limited registration
    • Also maybe food
    • November 1st