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LUG Meeting Minutes October 9th, 2008

Server update

  • Server is running
  • GZ box is not running
    • turns on but no OS
    • Only 256MB of Memory
    • Microcenter deal on memory
    • Requires DDR we want at least 1GB
    • Also needs a Gigabit NIC for it
  • Still dont' know where the Breaker is
  • More ram for Osiris?
    • has 2GB on it total 56MB free
  • Andrew: eventually will have all iso's scripted to update

LAN party

  • Since we're providing the switch
  • We'll put out our donation jar in a highly visible place

Installathon Presentations

  • Jon is doing desktop effects
  • Markus (with funny hat, aka Spambadger on IRC) can do theme customization
  • 10AM for setup
  • CS1000 getting extra credit for attending presentations

IRC Logs:

  • What to log? #mtu and #linux
  • Huskybot keeps all URLs
  • a warning that it's being logged will go in MOTD
  • only new logs will be public
  • Vote passes by some amount
    • #mtu will be logged and new logs will be available, old will be used for stats
    • #linux logged and available

Update mail addy in the wiki so things don't come from Kyle


A line in the topic of #mtu about the channel being logged will also be added