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MTU LUG Minutes October 2nd, 2008

Server Status

  • It has not been blown up
  • MOTD has been updated, contains new rule (about Unicode)
  • Website has been updated
  • It's okay if we put the GZ box in the rack
    • suggests that we don't turn it on until we locate the braker
    • we only have 15A (we think)
  • UPS connection issues?
    • We don't know why
    • it's loosing data connection to the computer


  • It's next weekend
  • We can has projector?
    • Not yet


  • and other Conventions
  • who knows for sure? No one...


  • Send out to List?
    • sure...
    • Adviser doesn't know we have a wiki


  • No one can ever seem to be added or logon to it
  • Byan not sure if he has an account
  • wiki e-mails "come" from Kyle's gmail addy


  • Student Organizations in Computer Science
  • meta-organization for CS people
  • Extra credit for people coming to Installathon
  • We need a 2nd rep
    • Send our VP, it's the first wednesday of every month at 5pm
    • He doesn't know if he's free at the time.
    • Byan said he could be the backup guy

BonzAI Brawl (a programming competition)

  • No one knows that's happening
  • they want to involve more student Orgs
  • what would we want to do?
  • The fun things are taken all they need is money and man power

IRC logging?

  • we haven't been logging for a while
  • #mtu and #linux should be logged
  • Update of statistics on webpage (hasn't in a long while)
    • agmlego needs to figure out how that was being done
  • Find logs for missing time period
    • RagingMind, Dark-Fx, NUXI... we've got most of it covered
  • #linux publicly available for viewing
  • #mtu not viewable but stats generated for fun