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MTU LUG Meeting Minutes September 4th, 2008


  • Date?
    • Anytime...
    • IRC: October 11th or 12th
    • Family weekend and Hispanic Heritage night
      • MUB busy? could be in Rheiki instead
  • Advertising
    • Sean Bulger (he's STC)
  • Presentation Volunteers
    • Theme Customization - Corey
    • Basic Linux Command Line - Dark-Fx or Steve
    • Linux Raid - Dark-Fx
    • Destop Pretty Things - Jon (the one up here)

Server status

  • We can has server and it works (no red blinking lights)
  • there was a slight foobar with a harddrive over the summer
  • Move to gigabit on the internal network

Student org stuff

  • Steve went, not much interesting to us
    • lots of public image stuff
  • Collections of stuff for recycling
    • shoes in the fall
    • electronics in the spring

Steve planning on a Tips and Tricks series

Nvidia 177.68 and screensavers hate eachother