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MTU LUG meeting Minutes January 31th, 2008

Install a Thon

  • Approval of table tent? - passed around room
    • Switch "Linux Games" to "Gaming In Linux"
  • Basic UNIX - Steve, not ready yet
  • Homebrew PVR - Brian (Dark-Fx)
  • Desktop Effects - Jon Turbo
  • Linux Applications - No volunteer
    • Change to Productivity Apps?
  • Curious if Dining Services will approve
    • We think we're all adults, Dining might disagree
  • Week before install a thon (Feb 14th)
    • Basic outlines Due
  • Concerns? More Stuff? Ideas?!
    • Make Discs beforehand? a few of them
  • Available Distributions
    • Default to Ubuntu
    • Update Flier
  • Timeline? 1 hour for each presentation, but doesn't have to take up whole time
    • hard copies of the presentation to hand out
    • Copies also up online (on Lug)
    • S5 presentations? w/ LUG template
  • Update Old Slides and redo?
    • History of Linux would be Nifty


  • Who has budget for for this year?
    • maybe Jon W. pmhad will ask tonight


  • info online at
  • dark-fx.com/iptables.pdf
  • TARPIT = Nifty


  • Ultra 60 NVRAM weirdness

Adviser (Dr. Merkey)

  • Maybe eventually a History of Beowulf clusters
  • Either Feb 7th or 14th