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Lug Meeting January 17th, 2008


Held Officer's Meeting on Tuesday

Lead Discussions

  • Pre-Planned, Any member, something interesting to bring people to meeting
  • Enough Content = won't be turned down

Fund Raising

  • Need More money for server stuff
    • Especially UPS, currently 25% capacity but only production machines
  • Remote Hair Cutting? only if linux powered
  • Corey did Follow up on Doughnut distribution but person did not get back to him
  • Fisher Lobby or Dow? both have regular bake sales
  • What to sell? what ever people are willing to make and bring
    • Would like to have doughnuts


  • New Stuff!! New Ideas!! New Designs!!
  • Mary Poster idea?
  • Reserve table tent date
  • In Meeting Table Tent Ideas
    • On Board, Drawn by Steve, dictated by Mary
    • Examples of events we might have?
    • Send people to website
    • Empty front? get people to open?
    • Model Table tent on T-Shirts
    • unzip|strip|touch|finger|mount|fsck|more|yes|umount|sleep
    • Christian will do table tents  :( WHY OH WHY?!
  • Demo's?
    • Myth TV, Home brew PVR (it's like TiVo!)
    • DRM stuff, restricted file formats
    • Application Tour or Application Equivalents
    • Compiz/Beryl? Mary doesn't like it...
    • Getting Steam to run. maybe done by Dark
  • Student Involvement Fair?
    • Is it too late? we could burn stuff (CD's)
  • Bonzai
    • CS student Orgs party in CS labs
  • Big banner thing for at tables at events
    • Andrew will look into it
  • OLED Ceiling Tiles?
    • OMG *Feels Sick*

Old Hardware

  • Not sure... weed out old hardware
  • Donation Pile
  • Stuff not claimed? Stick in a dumpster or in front of we support

New Hardware

  • Brian has donated usage of new machine
    • Judicial Services?
  • Couple of Gigs of backup?
    • They don't want idle stuff on there new spiffy fast stuff


  • Travels a lot that's why not around
  • A thing he saw
    • Whole management run through Wiki
    • Agenda and minutes done through Wiki
    • Status Reports through Wiki Logs
    • Does Pictures
    • Problems... security?

Wiki Stuff

  • Group from DCS?
    • Dark, talk to Todd
    • So stuff can be ISO password
  • Put all of our stuff up on a Wiki like Adviser guy Saw
  • Secondary Wiki? no... not enough cause for it yet.

Server Admin Duties?

  • Will propose update to server admin duties in the next two weeks