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MTU LUG Minutes December 13th, 2007


  • Should come in Next week
  • Who's leaving early? (Before Wednesday)
  • We'll be contacted

Server Update

  • Still getting stuff in, some problems with drives still
  • Rails should come in on Monday
  • setup rack on Tuesday and switch everything over


  • IRC services disappeared
  • DCC re-enabled
    • Check with Dave Hale - it's flagged in filters
  • Trivia Bot back?
    • Jon's toy? it was always kinda broken

Installathon Pre-Planning

  • Want it to be before or after carnival?
  • Discussed before? No one is sure
  • After carnival... Feb 23rd
  • Anyone want to make Table Tents?
    • Physco might be able to. cause he's gonna be working up here
    • Has to be approved early
    • They only let a certain # of tents out at a time
  • MUB does not seem to have time frames


  • He's graduating, so we need a new one. volunteers?

Money asking

  • They don't like people asking for stuff twice

Best kernel version?

  • The newest one!
  • 2.6.18 can still burn DVDs
  • No run 2.6.19-21
  • Wish they would do 2.<odd> = unstable kernel


  • Linking servers with NMU
  • Try to build a University LUG group network
  • MSU - ACNS has a server but doesn't want to link (not a LUG group)

Huskymail sucking?

  • Html front end to IMAP
  • it's squirrel mail
  • probably better to use a real IMAP client
  • ironport attacks e-mail

Late Food in McNair

  • Open until 9pm M-F
  • Foodscript working? WAYYYY back in the day


  • Friday (tomorrow) food at 7ish
  • Bring your own beverage
  • Bring food (or $5)
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange