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  • Next week a thing with the person that does university tees
  • Mary suggested something
    • but Brian is looking for other options
  • Brian will order them but wont give them to us until we pay
  • Mary says her company is not Nazi and doesn't spam
  • Hoping for shirts before X-mas
  • Make sure silk screened and not printed

Server Updates

  • Nothing done yet
  • User ID's irc names or self chosen?
    • anything long as Real name field is filled in
  • BackupPC completely stopped working... no explanation
    • Could try to upgrade to version from Gusty
    • Major version to go to Gusty instead of Fiesty or Edgy
  • One more week then bring up vote of no confidence
  • Backup PC
    • Not reading config from /etc and not seeing archive
    • Disk space still open
    • not showing hosts
  • Backup space? probably 3G? we're not using that much


  • ?

There's no place like ~/

  • Next week, not enough people here

"Social" Activity afterwards? (220.999)

Packet Shaping

  • iproute