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MTU LUG meeting Minutes November 1st, 2007

Shell Access

  • Problem? Who gets access?
  • Someone disabled Jon's account?
  • He removed everyone's shell access as security lock down
  • Mary: He gave impression that he wouldn't remove access
  • 4 accounts disabled
  • Mary: He's not attentive to needs of people on server
    • Active not passive attention
  • Kyle's sudo taken away (kyle is VP) given back
  • Brian: Don't remember turning off Jon's account
    • Maybe disabled your's after turning off mine
    • Was in the middle of working on mirrors
    • should of contacted in person

  • Brian: Only officers should have account
    • mistake on both sides
  • Mary: Accounts should have time limit
  • Brian: Devree over stepped bounds
    • In channel talking about stuff (#cael)
    • Jon added v3ritas to channel when unwanted
    • He removed brian's access to server

  • Mernerva died?
    • Stuff still not working
    • Too busy to maintain server?
    • where is mirnerva? = Jon's house
    • Motherboard is dead
  • Boat-Load of accounts disabled?
  • Officers have accounts?
    • by default? yes- then have a fall back
  • Single account for officers? limited sudo access?
    • Share account? no... then not accountable
  • Easy to cover tracks :(
  • If you have someone smart then it doesn't matter.
  • Account for each person - limited access
  • Jon will e-mail what He did to Jon so Jon can fix it
  • Jon D. proven untrustworthy because he doesn't listen
  • Jon D. gets reported to public safety if hack back on server
  • E-mail list of all accounts (and status) to Secritary

Delegation of Duties

  • Mary: Jon D. claimed to have greater authority then officers
  • Brian: He's good at what he does
  • Kyle: Server Op is given explicit control of services
    • IRC stuff not in constitution and not electable
  • Kyle: ---
  • Mary: Process create Bylaws so that there's still a review
  • Kyle: Has to have time period before hand
    • ByLaws still need approval of office of student affair
  • Mary: Need way to decide authorities not just duties
  • "user authorization" delegate access on server?

  • Stuff doesn't seem to be getting done

  • Meeting Minutes need to be up online somewhere
  • Write protect the wiki pages? (backup to central storage?)

  • jon <-> dark communication improvements

  • student access to server only?
  • Trust of people off campus?
  • Delegation authority allowed to non students? semi-permanent
  • Services handled by people at Uni?

Mirror Status

  • Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo should be working
  • Brian: Mirrors most important function of server
  • Huge service to people in the dorms
  • Never noes what's broken? no one complains
    • Broken so long no idea what is supposed to be there
  • We are official mirrors for several things
    • Makes us look really bad if stuff is constantly down
  • Telcom hasn't complained about bandwidth recently
  • Last year we had them cap us to 10Mbit out to off campus
  • Up out outbound? Maybe once mirrors are working
    • Talk to Shane
  • (Distro)-announce sign up?
    • extra e-mail account to monitor stuff
    • synthia lug e-mail thingy
    • keep mirrors up to date

  • How long to keep releases?
    • Like to keep a couple versions
    • (no one updates instantly)
  • RAID 5 so one drive can die
    • Drives still under warranty
  • Front end server is okay, filer SUCKS
  • New hardware list ready for next meeting

30 Second Administration Tips

  • cron - 'man cron'
    • 'man 5 crontab'
  • backups - backup PC, it's kinda nifty
  • sudo - superuser do!
  • nfs - not secure

Ad-Hoc networks?

  • If you're in the middle of a field you can network :)
  • Not all cards can act as APs


  • Amend to allow by-laws?
  • Extra stuff is listed in Wiki, but not really official
  • Need way to react faster?


  • status of money request?
  • Mary want it? NO!
  • Never shows up to meetings
  • Should impeach? to get stuff back and close security hole
  • Ask him to step down?

Vote to impeach? Kyle

  • seconded Brandon C.
  • 15 to impeach, 2 abstain Pow! gone.

Nominations for new Treasurer?

  • Kyle nominates Long haired guy
    • declines
  • Mary nominates Andrew
    • declines
  • Kyle nominates Jon K.
    • Accepted

Student Org space

  • We can put a student usable computer in there.

Backup of server stuff

  • Config stuff IRCd
  • ~30 Meg in Backup PC?
  • DCS charging for storage?
  • Jon W. will take care of it.

Alumni Offering Hardware?

  • Should try and get anything
  • maybe wait till USG stuff (and money requests) settle

Boot without CD?

  • Floppies
  • debootstrap
  • netboot

Open Moko

  • Nifty open source cell phone
  • Developer price >$400
  • Base price ~$350
  • When Wifi added then then ~$450
  • Mary wouldn't mind one being donated