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MTU LUG meeting Minutes September 13th, 2007

K-Day? How was it?

  • Closed at 3:15PM

Server? the admin isn't here to comment

  • He's hiding on IRC...
  • Says he's not being Paid
  • Can we replace him?

F8 Test 2 Live CD!

  • 409E Wadsworth Hall.

War on firmware?

  • EE Dan
  • Liteon firmware update on Linux.

Flux game?

  • improving moral

Lab Machines being Slow?

  • LONG time to log in and Firefox installed not Opera


  • USG wants us to collect money.
  • Only undergrads?
  • Due date for dues?
  • $5! yay! is it in the constitution
  • We really like Pizza

USG money update

  • Our server guy needs to tell our money guy what to ask for

Handing out of the Ubuntu CD's


  • People check schedules? of course not...
  • on Oct 20th? it's make a difference day
    • Could we get the MUB (or other location) that day?

ATI Drivers

  • Specs came out yesterday!
  • Certain window of chips not released  :(

Steve is against Object Orientated script languages.


  • Who wants to go?
  • Tim has offered space at his apartment